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Freshen Up Your Laundry

Over the past few years, our family has been trying to be more mindful of the things we put on and in our body. Our fertility journey and introduction to essential oils both really catapulted us into a quest to be more healthy. Both in our home and on our bodies.

Things I hadn't considered before, like my laundry soap and household cleaner, were now items brought to my attention. With so many chemicals and "fragrances" in our home and body care, I started to wonder if my body was reacting to the heavy load that had been put on it for so many years.

It is recommended when trying to swap out items in your home for "cleaner" or more natural versions to consider your laundry soap one of the first things to switch. Why laundry soap? Well because laundry soap has a big impact when you think about it. Your laundry soap affects the clothes you wear all day, the towel you use after your shower, and the sheets you sleep in all night long. There is hardly a moment when what your laundry soap touches, isn't touching you-on your body's largest organ-your skin no less.

In my search for a more "safe" laundry soap, I was very disappointed to find little brands offered, and those brands often difficult to obtain and usually boasting higher price tags-which to be fair, only made sense. But, if you know me, you know I am always trying to think of ways to save money for our home where I can. I want something to be healthy, but also affordable. In fact, as I've been on this journey, I've found that most of the time these two go hand in hand, when we get back to old fashioned practices.

So I began to research how to make my own laundry soap. But as I did, I found recipes that were pretty complicated or recommended buying ingredients from companies who's mission I did not agree with. So I kept looking. And finally I started to find recipes that used 4 easy ingredients, and some of them items found right in the kitchen. And even better, these items were highly cost effective.

A quick google search will pop up many blogs and posts using the following 4 ingredients in various measurements to make a DIY laundry soap.

Sea Salt

Epsom Salt

Baking Soda

Washing Soda

I made this just over a month ago for our family and I am just now needing to make another batch, and I do about a load of laundry a day. If you are interested in switching your laundry detergent and want to try this recipe** for yourself, I've included the recipe and ratio I used below. Click here to watch me make a batch at home for our family.

1/4 Cup Sea Salt

1/2 Cup Espom Salt

1 & 1/2 Cup Baking Soda

1 & 1/2 Cup Washing Soda

Add approximately 1 Tbs. to each load, adjust as needed for larger or extra dirty loads. (I usually use 2 Tbs.). We have been using this soap for about a month now and it seems to be doing well. I have noticed that it really helps to keep a cup by my laundry machine to dissolve the soap in before adding to my load, and warm or hot water has worked best to help any little bit dissolve in the wash.

Looking to make this for yourself? Check out my links below for some supplies. And leave a comment if you try this for yourself and let me know what you think!

*As am Amazon affiliate associate, I earn commission on qualifying purchases through use of my links.*

**I originally found this recipe on Fresh Mommy Blog and have seen others with the same recipe on social media too.

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