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Fertility Journey pt. 3-Tracking

Updated: Feb 5

The way God has designed the female body is amazing. And the more we understand that, the more we can celebrate Him and His design.

Did you know there are two major phases, four big events and multiple hormones talking all during a normal cycle?

Did you know that a woman's period is now considered her "fifth vital sign"?

Did you know that a woman's basal body temperature changes during the two phases of her cycle?

Did you know a maturing egg has actually taken a 3 month journey to get there?

Sex education should be much more than bemoaning how awful a woman's period will be to a young almost teenage girl, handing her tampons and deodorant in a health class and wishing her good luck.

In our house, a period is not something women have to "get through," it's a message our body is telling us about our health and what's going on with our inside.

I was given "the pill" as a teenager with very little and to be honest, actual false information, about what it would do to my body. I remember asking my dermatologist a question regarding my skin and diet and being told there is no connection. Instead of my doctor, helping me look at my diet and nutrition to help get my cycle back, or doing actual blood work, I was handed fake hormones and sent out the door.

Now, over a decade later, I am so sad that no one was there to teach me and help me heal my body naturally, so that by the time we were ready to start trying for a family I would be ready to go. But over the years God did send people my way to help me, some I ignored and others I listened to. One of those people introduced me to the book, "Taking Charge of Your Fertility*" and it was a game changer for me and my fertility journey.

Learning what actually goes on throughout the whole "monthly" cycle, how to properly track a cycle, and how to listen to the subtle signals your body is giving have been so beneficial to me.

No matter where you are in your fertility journey, whether you are trying to start a family, or just better understand your cycle. I highly recommend this book. And if you're just getting started here are some basic take aways.

*Disclaimer I am not a medical professional, all information shared comes from my personal journey and understanding.*

Basics of the Cycle

Ovulation-when your body is releasing an egg, and a woman has the potential to become pregnant.

Period-the time when your uterine lining is shedding, technically ending a cycle, though as an easy to identify signal, we typically call it the beginning of a cycle and it's where we start counting.

There are two major phases in a woman's cycle.

The Pre-ovulatory cycle, the part before you ovulate and including the time of your period is called your Follicular Phase.

The Post Ovulatory phase, or Luteal Phase, the time after you ovulate. When TTC this is often refered to as the "2 week wait," as it is the time when a fertilized egg would be implanting.

Helpful Tools

Three helpful tools I use that help me physically see otherwise invisible signs of these changes going on in my body are a Basal Body Thermometer*, a Fertile Focus Microscope, and the Mira monitor*. If you are looking to start tracking your cycle the first two of these items are very affordable and reusable.

I have been using the microscope now for a few cycles and the thermometer for years and all of our pregnancies. The microscope allows you to visually see changes in your saliva during times in your cycle with high estrogen levels, like right before your ovulate. The basal body temperature thermometer allows you to see the temperature shift that occurs due to progesterone released after you ovulate. Both super helpful tools to give you some insight into your body and where you might be in your cycle.

We’ve also recently started using a system called Mira*, and it is fascinating to see what God has designed the body to do, even when we can’t otherwise see what’s going on! Though the test sticks are not reusable, and the system isn’t as cost effective as the above tools, in comparison to other services and procedures in the realm of fertility, it is quite reasonable. It’s a small computer like device that tests urine with special lighting to give you actual readings of different hormones in your cycle. What I like about this tool is that it gives you numbers for what your hormone levels are. So, for example when testing your Lh levels for nearing ovulation, rather than a test telling you it’s high or low, you get to see what the actual numbers are and gather information for yourself.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, all of these gadgets and advice can feel very overwhelming, especially when you’ve tried so much. And each person’s story and struggles are unique. I hesitated to even share these tools because I didn’t want anyone to feel discouraged, for example if you’ve tried all these things and still haven’t gotten pregnant. So I want to close by sharing the BEST tool of all, when it comes to fertility, and that is PRAYER.

I have found that praying and asking God to give us wisdom and discernment has been the most important thing in our journey. He has led us to the right resources, He has nudged us a certain direction, He has given us peace, and He has withheld peace in order to guide us down a different path. The Bible makes it clear that if we ask Him for wisdom He will give it (James 1). We just need to also pray for the discernment to understand it and respond.

So I pray for us, I pray that God may grant us wisdom and understanding. That we would first seek His kingdom, and that we would keep trusting in Him, and believing that He is good, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. I pray that He would draw close to you, dear one, as you draw close to Him.


All * links are affiliate links.

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