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Books, books, books

Lately, I've been trying to read more, and this summer and early fall I have read a couple of really great books. Handmade* by Melissa K Norris, and Holy Hygge* by Jamie Erickson, and M is for Mama* by Abbie Halberstadt.

The first book, Handmade, is full of recipes interwoven into chapters of the Melissa's story. Recipes, that take us back to simple, from scratch baking and homemaking. In the opening pages, she caught my attention with a story of her childhood, reminiscing of her mother and father's hospitality. Melissa shared multiple stories, of how despite limited resources, both her parents valued hospitality, and didn't complain about what they had, but instead, found creative ways to celebrate and make ends meet.

This attitude of resourcefulness, really stuck with her, and as the book progressed, the level of projects delve into deeper levels of "self sustaining" from basic recipes, to sourdough and bread baking, to soap and candle making. It's a great cozy read for these upcoming winter and fall months, and for those wanting to test out some of their cooking and baking skills.

The second book, Holy Hygge, unpacks the Danish concept of Hygge (think creating cozy, warm and inviting vibes in ones home), and pushes the practice, one step further, into a Christ centered perspective. Jamie shares statistics on the loneliness rates in America, compared to other parts of the world that have a stronger emphasis on community, and encourages us to engage in the process of building community in our homes.

She includes lots of creative ideas in the book of how to host various get togethers, from simple dinners, to tea-exchange parties. She reminds the homemaker that no matter the size of your home, or whether or not its furnished with the latest styles, it's the way guests feel when they are in your home that is most important. And as Christians, we have the opportunity to use our homes to share the love of Christ, with the hope and intention that by having open doors and open hearts we can do just that. If you are feeling challenged to become more hospitable, or feel overwhelmed by the idea of hosting, Jamie's book is a perfect read to encourage you how to keep things simple and impactful.

The third book, which I'm still reading at the time of this post is, M is for Mama by Abbie Halberstadt, and it is a great read. Her aim is to encourage mamas to see their role as a God given blessing, and not fall into the trap of believing our kids are keeping us from our future best self. With 10 children of her own, she has much experience in the realm of motherhood. She uses scripture to point women back to what God says about our attitudes, our hearts and taking care of our homes and families.

My go to reads are typically non-fiction, as I love to be a life long learner. But this coming year I am challenging myself to read more fiction, especially some of the classics. What are you reading? Have any good book recommendations? If so, please share in the comments below-I'm always looking to add to my reading list.

Holy Hygge* by Jamie Erickson

Handmade* by Melissa K. Norris

M is for Mama* by Abbie Halberstadt

*As am Amazon affiliate associate, I earn commission on qualifying purchases through use of my links.*

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