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Birthday freebies, You want to know about!

October is my birthday month and I love it for so many reasons!! Another year gifted from God, new adventures had and to be had, all things fall, presents, time with friends and family, and FREEBIES.

I am a sucker for rewards programs. Being a budget conscious person, I love being smart with money and rewards programs are a great way to track spending and get free stuff.

A couple years back I decided to find just about every free birthday reward I could think of and sign up my hubby for his birthday. As a birthday gift to him, I signed him up for many many places with an extra email address I wasn't using-he hates junk mail. And as I did so I started compiling a list of all the great deals and how long each reward lasted.

We have since used this list many times, and in honor of my birthday month I'm sharing a free printable version here with you! A few of these places are local to Grand Rapids area, but most are nation wide places.

I make no promises that I got these 100% accurate, or that they won't change over time, but just as a helpful list to get you excited and to see the great offers that are out there, here is an approximate list for you to check out for yourself. Almost all of these restaurants and shops require you to sign up for their rewards program, and I started to notice many don't notify you of rewards via email, but simply apply them in the app, so you need to know they are there and plan for them. I've categorized them by "Coffee," "Food," "Treats/Desserts," and "Other," as well as roughly how long you have to redeem each one. I love using this to keep the celebration going all month long and I hope you will too, so have fun-and you're welcome!

Birthday Freebies
Download PDF • 34KB

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